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9:00 am

Opening remarks from the Chair

Sylvia Quang

President, NSW Committee, Young Insurance Professionals (YIPS)

9:10 am

PANEL: Addressing the urgency for diversity

The value of having diverse representation within the workplace is well documented and an increasingly important factor for clients who want to see broad representation that reflects their own experiences. However, engagement and support from company leadership is critical in achieving true diversity and inclusion in the insurance sector. This panel will examine how we can go deeper on the business case for diversity and inclusion beyond the basics. 

  • Reflecting on your own leadership: What’s working & what isn’t working? 
  • Initiatives to increase participation of underrepresented groups in leadership 
  • What are we learning in this moment as the world focuses on racial injustice about meaningful allyship? 
  • Shifting the story: how do women engage each other and men as allies?


Hilary Bates

Chief Claims and Operations Officer, Zurich Financial Services Australia

Simone Dossetor

Chief Operating Officer, Munich Re

Craig Langham

Regional Chief Executive, APAC, AXA XL

Tim Tez

Chief Health Insurance Officer, AIA


Sylvia Quang

President, NSW Committee, Young Insurance Professionals (YIPS)

10:00 am

Advanced networking strategies

We can all have a conversation, but how do you build meaningful, productive connections? In this session, you will learn about the art of listening and key tools you can implement to enrich both business and personal interactions.  

  • Understanding the value of networking  
  • What questions should you ask to build connections? 
  • Strategies for business development and client management  
  • Finetuning your networking craft at every stage of your career  
  • How do you go beyond a conversation and grow a relationship?  
Lara Douglas

Vice President, Young Insurance Professionals (YIPS)

10:30 am
11:00 am

Spotlight Q&A – How to build a successful mentorship

Studies show that strong mentor relationships can increase opportunities in the workplace, impacting promotions, pay raises and overall career success. From a business standpoint, companies that support mentoring show higher levels of employee loyalty, engagement and initiative. But how do you get paired with the right mentor? And as a mentor, will having a mentee benefit you?  

  • The process for finding the right mentor/mentee: do’s and don’ts 
  • Dedication and time: is it worth it? 
  • Biggest topics discussed monthly 
  • Advice and biggest takeaways for mentees/ mentors 
  • How to create and promote opportunities for cross-generational, diverse mentoring 
Lyle Steffensen

National Leader - Marsh Care Solutions, Marsh

11:40 am

PANEL: Know your personal brand

Developing a strong personal brand is essential to developing as a leader. Are you consistently living your personal brand every day? What does it have to do with a successful career? This session will navigate the power of knowing your personal brand and tools for using it to grow and impact others as you lead in the workplace.  

  • How do I know my personal brand? 
  • Tools to articulate your personal brand at work 
  • Serving others vs. self-promotion 
  • Advice for continuing to develop your identity as a leader 


Mandy Cooper

Director, CPR Insurance Services

Natasha Fenech

Group CEO and Managing Director, Avant Mutual

Potta Findikidis

Executive Manager, Marketing Product Innovation, Suncorp

Naby Mariyam

CEO, Coverhero


Sylvia Quang

President, NSW Committee, Young Insurance Professionals (YIPS)

12:40 pm
1:40 pm

C-SUITE PANEL: Effecting change from the top

What strategies are being implemented to effectively execute change at the executive level? How do we create a working environment for women to thrive and be their very best? In this interactive panel, forward-thinking C-level leaders will share practical examples of how they are improving the representation of women in leadership positions and moving the D&I conversation forward. 

  • What role do CEO’s play in driving change?  
  • Business consideration: why diversity matters in insurance  
  • Examples of successful actions and initiatives that have progressed gender equality  
  • Pros and cons of gender targets vs quotas 
  • Wider diversity balance and the talent gap: what has been implemented, key challenges and successes and what are your plans for progress in the future?  
  • Reflecting on your own leadership: What's working & what isn't working?  
  • What can the industry do to change its culture?  
  • Innovation – where are we going in 2020? 


Lisa Annese

Chief Executive Officer, Diversity Council Australia

Richard Enthoven

Founder and CEO, Hollard Insurance

David Hosking

Chief General Manager - Broker & Agency, Allianz Australia

Stacey Williams

Chief Client Officer, Gallagher Bassett


Sylvia Quang

President, NSW Committee, Young Insurance Professionals (YIPS)

2:30 pm

Mental wellbeing in the workplace

Deadlines, decisions and commitments are a natural part of the workplace. But when they start to cloud your perspective, it’s important to make a change. This session will address simple steps you (and your organisation) can take to minimise professional and personal stress and increase your overall mental wellbeing. 

  • Practical strategies to mitigate stress and improve time management 
  • Increasing productivity through exercise and mindfulness practices 
  • Work/life balance: how to be successful in both our personal and professional life 
  • Tools your organisation can use to screen for mental wellbeing and support your entire staff  
Melanie Slack

Country Head Australia & New Zealand and Managing Director, Corporate Solutions, Swiss Re

3:00 pm

Approaching social media with a strategy

With increasing technology, no matter what your role is, there is an expectation to stay current and have an online presence. Social media is rapidly influencing the face of the insurance industry, not just from a business perspective but also from a personal development standpoint. This session will examine how you can use social media to boost your career.  

  • How to develop your online profile as a vehicle for new opportunities 
  • Tips for creating valuable social media interactions 
  • Advice for setting boundaries between social media and your work 
  • Beyond LinkedIn: Ways to utilize different cross-channel communication platforms 
  • How to use social media to reach new clients 
Maria Gonzalez

Marketing Manager, Berkley Insurance Australia

3:30 pm
3:50 pm

PANEL: Taking a risk – how do you further your career?

It’s natural to want to stay in your comfort zone, but is fear preventing you from moving up or trying something new? Explore how top leaders in the industry have navigated risks in their career, and beyond insurance – what you can do once you’ve “hit the top.”  

  • Steps to manage risks and get out of your comfort zone 
  • What can you do next to challenge yourself and grow as a leader? 
  • Using your talents to be heardserve on a board, start a committee and beyond 
  • How to excel in your current position while remaining open to opportunities 


Mary Bruce-Kahn

Director of Operations - Asia Pacific, Liberty Specialty Markets

Dr. Mellissa Naidoo

Group Chief Medical Officer and Head of Clinical Innovation, nib Group

Heidi Nash-Smith

Partner, Wotton + Kearney

Aurora Voss

Co-Founder & CEO, Claimspace


Sylvia Quang

President, NSW Committee, Young Insurance Professionals (YIPS)

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