9:50 am

WORKSHOP: Networking strategies to build your network

From initiating conversations to finding new ways to create connections in a post-Covid era, this workshop will cover practical tips and advice on networking.  

10:10 am

Speed networking

Expand your network, make connections and meet fellow delegates in a structured  networking session.  

11:00 am

PANEL: Reshaping diversity, inclusion, and equity strategies

Organisations have learned to pivot in many aspects of the business but the past year has also called many to rethink how we approach diversity and inclusion. With changing work arrangements, increased business demands, and juggling personal responsibilities, how are organisations adapting to support their workforce to succeed in the new normal?   

  • Redesigning flexible work arrangements  
  • How to build resilience across teams 
  • Sustaining the support of female leaders into executive roles 
  • Developing an inclusive recruitment process 
  • Ensuring inclusion when managing hybrid teams 
  • How to ensure diversity, inclusion, and equity remain a business priority 
12:30 pm
1:20 pm

PANEL: Effective mental health strategies 

Mental health issues have been on the rise since the start of COVID-19 and as we continue to experience changing conditions at home and at work, many organisations are prioritising the mental wellbeing of their employees. This session will discuss best practices for creating a positive work environment that truly supports your team. 

  • Developing initiatives to manage mental health and stress for a remote workforce   
  • Establishing a culture of support within teams  
  • Mindfulness, social groups, and other tools to promote self-care 
  • Promoting and supporting mental health discussions in the workplace 
  • How to be an empathetic leader while balancing business priorities  
2:20 pm

Defining your own career path

Career advancement can look different for everyone but how exactly do you step out of your comfort zone and find new opportunities to develop your career? In this session, [speaker] shares her career journey and the importance of being open and bold in accepting opportunities to find personal success.  

  • How to continuously build and develop your skills 
  • Finding a balance between personal and professional goals 
  • Defining success at different career stages 
  • Identifying the next steps once you reach your career goal 
3:30 pm

How to develop and strengthen your resilience

Resilience is one of most important traits of a successful leader and having the ability to adapt and overcome challenges is key in this unpredictable business environment. In this session, [speaker] will share significant moments in their life that required resilience and how they overcame obstacles. 

  • What is resilience and how can you assess your own level of resilience? 
  • What essential techniques can you use for resilience training?
  • Self-awareness, mental agility, optimism, and other traits to focus on 
  • Tips for how to cope with stress and to improve performance  
4:00 pm

PANEL: Innovation: Evolving in a digital market

2020 was a year of accelerated digital transformation and innovation remains necessary to stay relevant and competitive amidst rapidly changing markets. How can companies create a culture of innovation and skillfully lead? Hear from key leaders as they share how the industry has progressed and where we are heading. 

  • Understanding the role of innovation in the business and leadership principles 
  • Finding client success in a remote world 
  • Virtual leadership: successfully managing a hybrid workforce 
  • Creating learning opportunities for skill development 
  • How does diversity contribute to innovation? 
  • What’s next – emerging technology trends in 2022 and beyond 
5:00 pm

Networking drinks 

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